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In the Spring of 2015 The Birdsell Project invited me to use a 1974 motorhome as a site for a mobile art installation. The interior, exterior & engine were all refurbished to make The Camper. Surfacing from personal reflections of childhood, The Camper aims to unify the art experience amongst diverse age groups by exciting the wonder and imagination of younger generations while offering older generations recollections of their past. By providing typical camping activities like board and card games in unexpected urban settings, families and friends, children and adults create a social environment with less dependence on or interference from modern technology. As this social environment emerges throughout the space, so does the aesthetics of social connectivity.
The Camper was recently exhibited at Art Beat, South Bend, and ArtPrize 7 in Grand Rapids, MI and will continue to be exhibited at various locations throughout 2016. To keep updated, please refer to The Camper Facebook page.

The Camper
The Camper
Multi-Media Installation